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What you need to know before Starting a Marquee Rental Business

Posted by on Aug 19, 2016

banquet hall or other function facility set for fine dining

There are certain things that you need to know before starting a marquee rental business. It could be simple to buy marquees as your investment for your rental business but that is not all. You need to think of the best plan that can make your marquee rental business successful. But since you are just starting the business you need to know first the advantages and the disadvantages of a marquee rental business. This might help you in getting yourself ready in facing the ups and downs that you might encounter during the course of your business.

Below are the advantages and the disadvantages:


  1. Starting marquee rental business is flexible. Marquee can be used to any events and your customer can absolutely choose marquee as their venue.
  2. Greater satisfaction guarantee to any customer who rent the marquee. Renting marquee has greater possibility of satisfaction to customers because of how you setup the marquee for them.
  3. You can be involved in different parts of this business. You can use your marketing skills, convincing skills and the satisfaction that you assure the customer in renting and setting up the marquee.
  4. There is a greater financial return with marquee rental business just like what you see in Essex marquee rental. This is a great opportunity that you can choose as a business, especially if you have the skills in marketing and in providing other services to offer aside from marquees to rent.

Those are the advantages of starting a marquee rental business. It is a great opportunity especially if you have your family and friends supporting in this business.


  1. There is a great responsibility when handling marquee rental business. It is because of the setup that you need to do for the customer. You need to be strong so you will be able to do the setup right or hire and train staff that can help you with this.
  2. Definitely you need to work hard in marketing your marquee rental because not all the time that customer will opt to choose marquee for their event.
  3. There could be less financial safety because of the risk that the business will not take off. There could be possibility that the business cannot be in demand.

This is the sad part in starting a marquee rental business. However, if you are ready to take the risk in doing this business, then definitely this is just right for you.

All businesses have their successes and downfalls, but what’s important is you are open and willing to take the risk to be successful on any business. That is what you can do in the marquee rental business. If you think that there is potential success in marquee rental business you can absolutely start it as soon as you can. Make some plans, strategies and other things to do to make sure that you can have customers that will realize that marquee hire is a good option than any other venues.

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Discovering East Sussex

Posted by on Aug 9, 2016

Discovering East Sussex

East Sussex is on the south coast of England has many charms, from holiday resorts to wonderful shops and castles. East Sussex is drenched in history and has many beaches to visit. One of these is Camber Sands and it’s one of the best sandy beaches in the south of England and it really is on par with beaches like Devon and Cornwall. It’s an underrated beach of the area though as much of the year, the seaside is rather uninterrupted. The beach is purely sand without the blemish of pebbles or shale and when the tide is out you can walk for a long time before finding the foam.

There are several holiday resorts along the south coast, Haven, Park Resorts and Pontins all occupy resorts here and they’re very popular in the summer months. Caravan park holidays close to the towns and the beautiful beaches make East Sussex a very popular place throughout the holiday season. Hastings and Battle are small towns dripping in history where people flock to through the year. Weddings are held on a pretty regular basis through the year in the castles around the towns and the hotels in the area are always booked up. There are plenty of independent boutique hotels that are the perfect getaway for a romantic weekend away, as well as family hotel options for bed and breakfast to enjoy the sights.

If you’re looking for an independent hotel, bed and breakfasts with smaller room capacities are the way to go. Personal touches, family run and usually more intimate in terms of face to face interaction bed and breakfasts are perfect for those little getaways. In East Sussex there is a small market town called Rye, and in that town there are over 40 hotels that fill up pretty fast through the holiday season. If you’re looking for a great bed and breakfast with a top notch service, is what you want.

With food cooked to order using fresh, seasonal ingredients which where possible are locally sourced, the Kings Head hotel is a hotel with values. The rooms are designed and finished to a high standard and as the hotel only has 9 rooms, the setting is far more personal and beautiful than that of a standard hotel. With four stars, a certificate of excellence and the 2015 nomination of pub of the year, the Kings Head has a lot to offer its customers. Open fireplaces, comfortable and recently refurbished accommodation it’s a place for everyone. All special requirements are catered for and there is complimentary parking on site. Children are always most welcome at the hotel and we offer complimentary toiletries in every en-suite room.

Our kitchen is catered by local suppliers and is always happy to cater for all kinds of dietary requirements no matter what you need. The reviews speak for themselves and the guests who have stayed in the past always know the owners because repeat custom is so important in the smaller boutique hotels.

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Things You Should Know About Escorts

Posted by on Jul 25, 2016

Things You Should Know About Escorts

Some bachelors or men that are lonely and want to have some company are thinking about how they can invite a woman to accompany them for a couple of hours or a day for a date. It can be difficult to get a woman to say yes right away, and it may take time to find the right woman to accompany you. How about paying someone to accompany you instead? All you need is a woman to accompany you for a specific amount of time. This is possible if you hire escorts in the Yorkshire. This may seem like a new idea to some men who aren’t aware of it, but you will be surprised with the kind of services these escorts will provide.

The first thing that you need to know about escorts is that you are paying for whatever services they provide or you request them to do. Keep in mind that these escorts are professional, which is why you need to respect whatever wishes they have established for themselves. There are two ways you can hire these escorts. One is through an agency and the other is by contacting them directly. Most clients go for the agency route because they know full well how capable agencies are at screening the escorts. This means that the escorts working for them are not just some run-of-the-mill ladies. They were picked out by those who are experts in this industry and know very well what their clients are looking for. The main advantage of hiring through an agency is that clients get to see a picture of the escort they want to hire. This is through watching the photos posted on the website. This way, you get to choose an escort with the services that you are looking for. Each escort posted their preferences, which is safer for you since you get to choose one that has the appropriate service that you are looking for.

Independent escorts, on the other hand, can be tricky at times. However, this is not to say that independent escorts are bad. These are professional escorts that do not want their income to be split with an agency. They find it more profitable to have all of the income by themselves. There are some of these independent escorts that used to work for an agency before. For the very same reason that most independent escorts do, they also choose to take this route. Some of them have decided to go independent since they already have a stable client to work with.

Isn’t the idea of hiring an escort amazing? If you have seen James Bond movies and other action films that seems to have men being surrounded by women that are dressed either flashily or baring all skin, they are examples of escorts. They are hired to accompany their clients and do their job according to the contract they have agreed upon. Escorts are not only limited to women. There are male escorts, too.

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